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Our Story Begins

With all due respect to David Byrne, how DID we get here?

If you read our bios (to the right) you know the founders have unique backgrounds, so what is the tie that bound us and led us to create Bespoke Bacon? Like all good stories, it is a little bit of luck combined with a simple twist of fate and a lot of passion.

The first key bit was (is) simple geography: we are all neighbors, walking distance apart in suburban Philadelpia. Brian W. and Kevin (and their wives) had known each other for over 13 years and are good friends who shared a love of food and cooking. In 2011, Bryan C. (and his wife) moved into the neighborhood.

Right away we discovered some eternal truths. 1) we love to cook and 2) we love to eat.

While barbecuing at a mutual friend's, the subject turned to bacon; Brian wanted to make another batch since the one he made eariler quickly ran out. Bryan had some experience with smoking and a connection for good pork bellies. Kevin had the good flavor ideas.

Soon it dawned on us: we're surely not the only ones who love bacon. And we're surely not the only ones unhappy with the bland, sticky, mass produced stuff in the store. Why don't we do this seriously, and make it a business?

Batch after batch, we refined our recipes. And soon enough we realized we were on to something. By using all-natural ingredients, quality woods, and lots of love, we could craft bacon that far surpasses anything we've ever tasted. And by staying authentic, we can share our discoveries with you.

Bespoke Bacon was born!


Meet the Founders

Brian Wolfinger
Chief Smoking Officer
Brian's love of curing started when was cleaning smokehouses at age 11. Clearly it got into his blood. Fast forward a few decades and he is married to a butcher's daughter; making bacon for fun.
Bryan Cohen
Swine Guerrilla
Bryan may be a computer geek, but his real love is food. He began his love of smoked meats at 17, working in the restaurants and smokehouses of Northern Virginia.
Kevin Weidamoyer
Kevin grew up watching his father cooking on the grill. He was introduced at a young age to smoked ribs from a local smokehouse, and he's never looked back.

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