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About Bespoke Bacon

crispy bacon
Bespoke is an English word meaning "made to a buyer's specification." Historically, the term applied to tailored clothing, footwear and other apparel, implying measurement and fitting. The opposite of the term "bespoke product" is "mass-produced."

At Bespoke Bacon, we've perfected the "art of custom" with our series of naturally cured and flavored bacons. We specialize in crafting exquisite products to compliment the tastes of our clients, including high-quality restaurants, locavores, and those who just want something different. Whether you choose one of our standard flavors, or decide on something made just for you, we're sure you will be pleased. All of our bacons are sourced locally, and we use all-natural ingredients with no harsh chemical additives.

The founders of Bespoke Bacon welcome you to our site. Please check back frequently, as this site will change while we expand. Also, please join our mailing list so we can alert you to our sampling parties and where to purchase our products.

Why bacon?

There are many reasons why we love bacon as much as we do. First, it's amazingly easy to cook. When added to recipes, bacon's goodness will compliment but not overwhelm. And when eaten solo, a good crisp piece of bacon is a delight.

We love bacon, but quickly grew frustrated with the cookie-cutter brands you see in the supermarket. The only difference between the brands seems to be how thick it is sliced, all made by companies selling hundreds of other products. Their mass-produced packages are full of additives and sticky residues, pumped full of nitrites and slathered with watered-down syrup.

At Bespoke, we know bacon can be glorious. Unlike store brands, we make no other products: we only focus on bacon. We augment our products with an endless variety of hand-selected spices, curing methods, and woods used for smoking, creating amazing, artistic, bacon products.


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